Línea Vasos

Drinking Cups Line

Containers suitables for coffee, soda and juice.

Línea Copas

Dessert Cups Lines

Venecia, Atlántica, Sundae.

Línea Gourmet

Gourmet Line

Containers suitables for delivery of salad, sushi, pie among others.

Línea Batidos

Smoothies Line

Containers suitables for frapuccinos, milkshakes ans smoothies, with dome lid for spoons and sorbet.

Tropical Cups Line

Containers suitables for beer, smoothies, drinks.

Glass Cups Line

Premium Drinking Cups.

Silver Cups Line

Premium Drinking Cups.

Happy Birthday Line

Happy Birthday drinking cups. Printed and full color.

Containers Line

Containers for sauces, salad fruits. Sweets. Food industry.

Lids Line

Internal and external lids, with and without drilling sherbet.

Plates Line

Dishes for meals and desserts.

Ice Cream Line

Cointainers for Ice Cream, white printed and cones holders.

Industrial Containers
Upon Request

Huge variety containers for food industry...


All our items can be printed in 1 to 4 colors...

Tasting Line

This containers are ideal for marketing campaigns, beverage tasting are other such promotional events...

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