Plastivasís origins go back to the very beginning of the plastic thermoformed disposable containers industry in Argentina, back in the 1960ís. Its partners were part of the executive board at Plastilux, responsible for the first coffee and ice cream cups created in the country.

In our vast experience, we have pushed the limits of thermoforming, creating unique containers like our drinking glass and long drink line which used to be manufactured only through injection. Our designs have no match in the market and they bring unique aesthetic innovation to it.

Plastivas has a wide range of products with a capacity of 20cc to 1,000cc. Our market ranges from cups and containers for soda and coffee and dairy products, jam, honey, and fruit salads packaging, to ice cream and toothpick containers and supplies for catering companies, promotions, transport companies, and more.

We work with polystyrene (PS) to make clear, white, and color containers. Our crystal material is superior for its transparency, imitating slower and more expensive industrial processes. We specialize in the development of new products with our own container and graphics designs. All our containers are made with materials approved by SENASA (National Service for Agrifood Health and Quality) as apt for human consumption.

We have the technological resources to make top containers at minimal cost. The top logistics of our new plant, our state-of-the-art fire security system and respect for international security regulations allow us to offer the best delivery service, guaranteeing our clients uninterrupted product supply.

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